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___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Presentation and Discussion of My Book: "After the Apocalypse: The New Way"

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Written By: David Anderson

Human civilization in 2012 is rapidly moving towards an inevitable collapse. A huge and growing human population; rapid depletion of non-renewable natural resources; escalating deterioration of the environment; dysfunctional government, economic and financial systems; massive and rapidly increasing public and private debt; are all unsustainable and leading towards the Apocalypse.  A small group of bloggers came up with a contingency plan for how to do it right, more sustainably, the next time, after the Apocalypse.  On December 21, 2012 the world economic and financial system collapse and the Apocalypse ensues. Two hundred and eighty five years after 2012 remnant populations of humans are living as hunter gatherers. In accordance with the contingency plan, a group of Monks emerge from a hidden location to teach these remnants the New Way.

I set up this web site to present my book and then have dialog with readers about the many topics addressed in it.  In the Blogs and Chats section of the book many topics are discussed including: Reflections; Contingency Plan; God/Nature; The Fall of Mankind; Agriculture and Animal Husbandry; Saving the World; Medicine and Medical Technology; Population and Death; Insignificance; Meaning of Life; Morality and Religion; The Simple Life; Systems of Government, Governance and Human Nature; and Knowledge.

Please provide some specific comments or questions about any of these topics and I will try to address them.  You can click on Excerpts Plus Comments and Dialog (right) to read and comment on these topics as I post them. Please note, only specific comments on the content of the posts will be posted.

The main part of the book (Parts I & II, and the Epilogue) presents a fictional story about humans living some 300 years after the onset of the Apocalypse, and how they go about trying to implement a more sustainable approach to human existence.


  1. annonymous says:

    You speak absolute shit. You are soo gullible. Just because the Mayan calendar ends on the 21/12/12

  2. David Anderson says:

    It’s just a book of fiction. I used the 12/21/12 date to try to attract attention.

  3. Hi, hope you don’t mind a link exchange. Your fiction sounds interesting, certainly all those subject areas must be totally full of your symbolism/world mythology, it’s great to have that kind of creativity. My own fiction is sort of bare bones but.. It’s called The Walker in the Dust. Check it out on Google Books if you’re interested. It’s Free. I’m posting a link to your site here from my facebook page.

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